Our observations

In Senegal, the ocean and its resources are at great risk due to pollution and over-fishing (small-scale and industrial).

Sharp decrease in marine resources

Fishing plays important social and economic roles, directly or indirectly supporting the livelihoods of 600,000 people. As well, it is important in food security, bringing in affordable animal proteins for the population. Today, however, the stocks of marine resources are over-exploited by small-scale and industrial fishing. This is particularly true for species living near the coast, such as prawns, octopuses or sardines.

During the last 20 years, a dramatic decrease of fish stocks has been observed, the population of some species, like thiof (grouper), have experienced as much as a 75 percent decrease. The current level of withdrawal of resources is higher than the capacity of certain species to recover. Groupers, giltheads, sharks and rays head toward extinction. On top of that, authorities reduced the size for consumption, which led to withdrawal of fish before they could reproduce, increasing the pressure on certain populations even more.

Lack of response towards marine pollution

The absence of political will couples with the breakdown of waste collecting networks and a lack of education about the general tendency of throwing everything into the sea. Like deforestation, marine pollution is directly linked to human activities that produce different types of waste:

  • industrial waste: from factories and oil tankers (cleaning out),
  • non-biodegradable domestic waste: bags, plastic bottles, containers, which take many years to disappear
  • waste generated through fishing: hundreds of nylon nets left in the sea.

This pollution contaminates sea beds and suffocates fauna and flora. Certain materials secrete toxic substances exposing the population to serious sanitary and environmental risks.

Addressing these observations, Oceanium conducts important programmes to protect the sea. We create and manage Marine Protected Areas (MPA), rescue endangered species, clean sea beds, educate and lobby the Senegalese public about the importance of the environment.

Ensemble, protégeons notre planète !