Nouvelle saison sèche...chaud devant !

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After a few months of rainy season, Senegal removes his beautiful green coat: the dry season ahead. It is time to return to the front of the struggle against bush fires, national scourge that contributes greatly to the disappearance and non-regeneration of Senegal’s forests.

"Fires hunters" on the field have the dual mission is to strengthen the sentinel network through the creation of new committees of villager monitoring and effective fight against bushfires.

Our "firemen of nature" armed with rakes, anti-fire brooms and this year assisted by several vehicles equipped with water tanks with pumps will again courageously face these fires always too many.

For this campaign we want to thank our new "bushfires" partners: Association Beauval Nature Conservation and Research and the association CERZA Conservation for their support.

Our thoughts also go to Ba Fari , coordinator of previous campaigns "fire fighters" who passed away last July after an illness.
May the earth be lightly to him.

Do not hesitate to consult our links for more information on the fight against bushfires.

Ensemble, protégeons notre planète !