Diving sites

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With the diving club, we have the opportunity to visit more than 50 sites within 30 minutes of navigation. Exceptional natural sites can be visited as well as ship wrecks, which are perfect refuges for all kinds of fish.

Plenty of ship wrecks: perfect refuges for fishes of all kinds

The bay of Dakar is home to numerous ship wrecks, which mostly have sunk during World War II. Most of these wrecks are situated at five to 35 meters depth. For example, the Swedish freighter Tacoma, loaded with peanut oil barrels, was accidentally bombed by the British army in 1940 and now rests in 13 meters depth only a few hundred meters away from the Île de Gorée. It is home to many species of fish, including stingrays, groupers and moray eels. Also interesting are the Boyrou (35 m deep), the Tiwa (38 m) or the Charbonnier (30-35 m depth).

Attractive natural diving sites

In terms of natural sites, the protected natural park of the Îles de la Madeleine, situated near the club, is one of the most attractive diving sites in Senegal. The archipelago consisting of volcanic rock is protected by its status as natural park and hosts a remarkable and many-faceted fauna and flora. The same is true for the "Grand Tiouriba" site, where you frequently come across rays and tunas in fields of gorgonian sea fans.

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