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Oceanium lobbies the state through the media in order to overcome a lack of political will to prohibit deforestation and practices of overfishing (or "bad" fishing), to encourage reforestation initiatives, and to protect the coast line and endangered species.

This lobbying has helped us to win many battles for the conservation of the marine and coastal environment in Senegal and the region. Between 1995 and 1998, we reached an agreement for the protection of Cymbium (yet) which was over-exploited for export to the Asian market. Moreover, we reached the withdrawal of the waste ship "Orient Flowers" from Senegalese waters.

Campaigns were also conducted to fight against dynamite fishing, fishing with monofilament nylon nets and fishing of under-sized fish. During mangrove reforestation campaigns, we reached large audiences through community radio by broadcasting weekly programs on environmental issues. Finally, major reports in the international media have raised the publicity for our interventions and the environmental problems of the country.

Some examples of articles and reports about our interventions

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