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In the towns of Tambacounda and Kolda, Oceanium has put in place so-called "green banks". The principle is simple and combines micro credit and support to female entrepreneurs with environmental protection.

Female ambassadors for sustainable development

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“Women make a living, credits provide for the means, trees provide hope, together they build the future”: this is the slogan of our green banks. (Copyright: Hellio & Van Ingen)

In order to help women in the Tambacounda and Kolda regions, we aim to promote female "ambassadors for sustainable development". Every woman who becomes a member of the "green bank" engages in saving, improving her management of natural resources and her education. Equipped with a micro-credit loan, a savings account and some tree seedlings, they are invited to take part in a series of trainings from literacy to management of income generating activities including environmental protection.

At a glance

In total, 103 women groups (altogether 1,340 women) have already joined our green banks :

  • 89 groups in Tambacounda, (1 200 women),
  • 14 groups in Kolda, (140 women).

Five consecutive loan cycles are offered, ranging from 35,000 FCFA (53 Euros) for the first cycle, to 125,000 FCFA (190 Euros) for the fifth cycle.

Ensemble, protégeons notre planète !


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