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Keur Bamboung offers a wide range of activities. Accompanied by trained local eco-guides, visitors can hike through the surrounding eco-systems, visit the watchtower and remains of ancient settlements, do pirogue rides, learn how to make bread in a traditional oven or observe birds.

Hikes and pirogue trips

Some examples :

  • Learn how the "participatory management" of the Marine Protected Area (MPA) works. Eco-guards, meals and overnight stay at the watchtower included (1 - 2 days);
  • Hike on the ecological trail: the mangrove ecosystem and savannah forests (Goliath heron, grey pelican, flamingo, kingfisher, bushbuck, spotted hyena, vervet monkey, warthog, white grouper, seahorse, dolphin, manatee) are waiting to be discovered. Visit the "Diorombu mag", the largest remains of ancient settlements in Senegal and its museum (1 day);
  • Discover the Serere culture of fishing with hand lines. Visit villages or pick oysters together with local women. Collect palm wine or shells at low tide at the mudflats. (1 - 2 days);
  • Visit the National Park of the Saloum Delta and the bird island. (1 day);
  • Ride a pirogue and hike on foot through the forest reserve on the Bettenti Islands. Stay overnight at a camp in the forest. (2 days and 1 night).
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Discover plenty of things on the ecological trail. A tunnel made of mangroves for example. (Copyright Hellio & Van Ingen)

Pirogue rides

On demand or à la carte, pirogue rides can be arranged to visit the shell piles and their baobabs or to visit up to the watchtower of the eco-guards.

Make your own traditional bread

Visitors can request to help and learn how to make bread in a traditional clay oven using local methods. These creations will then serve as the basis for lunch!


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Bamboung is an invaluable place for hobby ornithologists. (Copyright. Hellio & Van Ingen)

The territory of CMPA Bamboung is incorporated in the RAMSAR area in the Saloum Delta which is recognized internationally for its importance for the conservation of water birds.

The inventory of birds that can be found in the CMPA Bamboung is vast. The large amount of birdlife here include about 220 species belonging to 62 families. This is especially impressive given the small size of the Saloum Delta National Park and Biosphere Reserve. These 220 species live within a mosaic of terrestrial and aquatic habitats covered by the Marine Protected Area (e.g. mangroves, bolongs, savannah, open grassland).

Depending on your interests, we will organise bird watching hikes for you. Many species can be easily observed (Goliath heron, gray pelican, pied kingfisher, etc..). Others require a bit more patience and luck to be spotted.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information on eco-guides and trip preparation!

Ensemble, protégeons notre planète !


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