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On foot

In the ICCA Mlomp/Pointe Saint-Georges as well as in the Petit Kassa, one of the best ways to discover the wonders of the place is just to walk around on foot.

Mlomp / Pointe St Georges :

IIt is possible to reach Mlomp in Pointe Saint-Georges by foot. The walk takes about three hours and passes by paddy fields in the surrounding villages, the savannah and mangrove passages. Once in the village Mlomp just ask for directions, everyone knows how to get there!

The forest of Kanoufa : A string of forest 6000 metres long and 150 metres wide, it starts at the village of Pointe Saint-Georges and stretches towards the West.
The ride can last from two and a half hours up to half a day (one day for nature lovers). A village guide will accompany you for the ride during which you will:

  • Climb up into a viewing platform 25 meters high in one of the oldest fromager trees in the forest (protected activity and standards) for a breathtaking view.
  • Explore plant heritage through a marked eco-trail.
  • Observe wildlife especially birds on three permanent ponds in the forest.
  • Visit the ruins of the ancient village of Kouendoum.
  • Enjoy palm wine.

Tip: Be equipped for walking, bring at least two litres of water per person and a good sunblock.

Prices :

  • Eco-trail 2000 FCFA per person.
  • Access the platform with equipment through the eco-trail: 3000 FCFA per person.

The payment is redirected to a responsible person or the head of the village Pointe St. George for the operation of the ICCA. (Pierre Diémé chef: 77 522 05 68/Ousmane Sonko 77 575 83 95)

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Up on the platform, you will discover the five major landscape types of the Casamance: paddy fields, savannah, forest, mangroves and rivers. (Copyright: Maxime Le Hégarat)

Watchtower : Strolling along the beach of Pointe Saint-Georges, you will discover a watch-tower. Do not hesitate to climb up in it, access is free. Once you are upstairs, you will find an information board, which gives you insights on the manatees that live in this area. If you have a little bit of patience and the sea is shallow, you might spot them.

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On top of the watchtower, you find a board that provides explanation of the sea cows at Pointe Saint-Georges. (Copyright: Yoann Mutone)

Petit Kassa :

The villages of Hitou, Kandé, Haere and Bakassoukare linked by a bush trail. The trail is easy to hike and the things to see there are pleasant and plentiful (tree savannah, paddy fields, forest). There are many trailways and paths, so if you do not want to get lost, it is strongly recommended to have locals accompany you.

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In the Petit Kassa, a number of pedestrian walks are on offer. (Copyright: Yoann Mutone)

Pirogue trips

The pirogue is absolutely an excellent way to get around in the Petit Kassa. You have to adapt to the tides, because sometimes some inlets (bolongs) are dried up or too shallow to ride them at low tide. Going through the bolongs is the best way to reach places inaccessible by foot. If you are interested, talk to Ousmane, who knows the area very well. Rates to be negotiated.


An area particularly interesting for naturalists is the Kalissaye bird sanctuary in the northwest of Petit Kassa. This protected area is under responsibility of the Directorate of National Parks. Due to its location, with Atlantic coast, almost all kinds of habitats are represented: sand, mud flat, paddy fields, mangroves, savannah forest. This diversity attracts a large number of birds. Tours can be arranged upon request.

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