Protection and rescue of animals

Oceanium’s activities also aim at animals in danger of decline, such as :

  • sharks, whose fins are of high value on Asian markets,
  • the bronze grouper (thiof),
  • the manatee (sea cow),
  • the cymbium (sea snail),
  • whales,
  • sea turtles.

A number of movies have been produced to raise awareness among community fishermen, villages and the public at large. Thanks to a documentary by Nurkatou Yëtë ("Les pêcheurs de Cymbium", 1998) and the lobbying of Senegalese authorities, Oceanium succeeded in making it illegal to fish for cymbium (sea snail) during its reproduction period. Through other activities of this sort, Oceanium has shed light on endangered species and bad fishing practices. In regard to manatee protection, Oceanium has conducted numerous awareness-raising campaigns in villages around the Senegal and Casamance rivers and towards the authorities. In order to indict the cruel fishing practice of sharks just for their fins, Oceanium produced two films ("Ba Kagne?" and "Chronique d’une mort annoncée") in 2003.

« Rescue of whales »

Rescuing sea cows, dolphins, turtles

With the support of villagers, our team has organised numerous rescue actions for dolphins and manatees, species ranked on the red list of IUCN.

The first rescue operation of manatees took place in 2006; many more followed in the region of Matam, near the Senegal river. Usually, manatees get trapped by shallow water in certain river branches or by barriers holding back the water. In order to avoid the accidental stranding of manatees in shallow area, Oceanium set up a network of sentinels who monitor the displacement of manatee families. In fact, manatees are almost extinct in the North of Senegal. One of the last remaining families lives in the Casamance.

As one example of activities regarding dolphins, Oceanium intervened in the Casamance for a rescue operation. Trapped by low tides, the dolphins were grounded on a mangrove beach. Yet again, thanks to the mobilisation in the villages our teams could take them back to the water.

Picasa gallery « Rescue of lamantins » :

Sauvetage lamantins (Matam, fleuve Sénégal)

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