The underwater world of Senegal is home of a diverse and abundant fauna and flora. With its experience of more than 30 years, the Oceanium team lets you discover the secrets of this surprising eco-system.

Under the influence of both a permanently cool Northern stream, coming down from the Canary Islands, and an equatorial Western stream, which is hot and salty, this eco system is home to tropical as well as Mediterranean fishes. The Dakar region offers the possibility to discover wealthy underwater cliffs, a lot of ship wrecks as well as gorgonian sea fans. Moreover, the upwelling phenomenon keeps the coasts rich in fish throughout the year (especially the Southern coast of Dakar).

A rich underwater world around Dakar

Despite irresponsible human activities such as dynamite fishing, the use of nylon fish nets and multiple other forms of pollutions that threaten the biodiversity of this eco-system, the underwater world of Dakar still offers exceptional fauna and flora to observe.

Depending on the season, marine species that can be found include: blue marlins, swordfishes, barracudas, dolphins, groupers, wahoos, bluefishes, weevers, soles, capitaines, sea trouts, dorades, greater amberjacks, red snappers, umbrines, pompanos and moray eels. Gorgonian sea fans, corals and fields of sea grass make the underwater landscape just perfect.

Finally, the French Federation of Sub-marine Sports and Studies ( works together with Oceanium on biological surveys in the bay of Dakar.

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