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From Ziguinchor head to Oussouye, by taking a seven-seater (sept-places) or hiring a car, then go to Mlomp.
Three options are available from there to reach Pointe Saint-Georges:

  • If you are into hiking, take a trail for about ten kilometres. You can reach the tip within three hours (see section on pedestrian walks above).
  • If you have a vehicle with four-wheel drive, use the sandy track of about fifteen kilometres that goes from Kagniout (between Mlomp and Elinkine) to the Pointe Saint-Georges. However, you should avoid this track during the rainy season because many areas are flooded then and there is a serious risk of getting stuck.
  • The last option is to go to Djiromait, east of Mlomp, by road and then take the boat (contact Ousmane Sonko, boatman in Pointe Saint-Georges, in advance: 77 575 83 95).
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Map of the ICCA Petit Kassa.

The best solution to reach the islands of Petit Kassa is to go from Point St. George. Ousmane Sonko can arrange a passage, ask in advance (so that there sufficient fuel).

It is also possible to go there directly from Ziguinchor by pirogue, which runs two times per week. The trip takes about five hours.

Also from Elinkine, pirogues can bring you to the Pointe Saint-Georges and the Petit Kassa.

If you are into adventures, contact Ousmane Sonko (77 575 83 95) or Yves Lanneau (77 545 12 14) to learn about opening hours and days of rotation, which can vary.

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