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Due to a lack of a real political will and a dearth of funding for state services, environmental education is virtually non-existent in Senegal. The same holds true for the media (radio, TV), which broadcasts only few reports on environmental issues.

Social communication: the basis of all our activities

In order to overcome these obstacles, Oceanium has acquired social expertise, the key to the success of our actions on the ground. Social communication activities are conducted across the country, and environmental education sessions are held in schools and institutions. In-house produced documentaries help us to create awareness. Our actions work toward the end goal of empowering people to implement their own applicable solutions and share them with others.

Innovative support

At Oceanium, we know about the rich traditional wisdom on how to manage the environment. Drawing on this wisdom, we have created a number of communication tools and educational materials, which we distribute large scale through our comprehensive logistics network.

Tools and materials include :

  • brochures: "Plante ton arbre" (Plant your tree), on how to plant mangroves, "Sénégal n’est pas une poubelle" (Senegal is not a waste bin), explaining the lifespan of waste;
  • films produced in Senegal and the region on deforestation, fishing, pollution, best practices and good practical examples, which we present with our cinema trucks ;
  • environmental student exchanges to discover fauna and flora ;
  • exhibitions, technical manuals.

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