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Established in 1984 by professor Jean-Michel Kornprobst, Oceanium is a Senegalese association aiming at environmental protection. In the beginning, the focus was on sustainable management of the marine environment. Today, our activities extend to both onshore and offshore environments in Senegal and neighbouring countries, and are conducted by Oceanium’s team of professionals and volunteers, led by Hassan Karaki.

The three major pillars of activities are:

Environmental protection

Oceanium acquired social expertise through an approach based on listening, exchange, raising awareness and participatory action. The association intervenes mainly in the following areas:

The forest: reforestation of mangroves and other forest species. (as an example, more than 150 million mangrove trees have been planted since 2006), setup of community-based forest management, fighting bush fires.
The ocean: creation of community-based Marine Protected Areas (CMPA Bamboung), cleaning sea beds, advocacy on environmental issues towards government institutions.
Economic support: "green banks" in Tambacounda and Kolda (combining micro credit, environmental protection and women’s entrepreneurship), financial support to village groups for environmental projects.
Environmental education: raising awareness about environmental protection in schools and villages (through film screening and debate events), setup of environmental education centres, creation of educational materials (films, posters, exhibitions, technical guide books).


Our interventions on behalf of the environment are supported by eco-tourism initiatives, which allow our projects to benefit from tourism and for visitors to discover exceptional natural sites. This ensures the welfare and economic development of local communities, as well. Thus, we offer accommodation in:
the Bamboung CMPA (Community-based Marine Protected Area) in the Sine Saloum Delta, ecotrails to discover fauna and flora, kayak and pirogue rides through mangrove forests.
Pointe Saint-Georges and the islands of Petit Kassa: observe manatees (sea cows) from a platform built at 25 metres up in a tree, do eco-walks and pirogue rides or visit bird islands. Oceanium also offers trips to the park on the "Isle of Madeleine" and visits to village plant nurseries, mangrove forests, etc.


As the first representative of the Association Longitude 181 Nature in Senegal, which promotes responsible diving around the globe, Oceanium offers diving trips to hundreds of sites in the Dakar region for: beginners, intermediates and professionals.
Diving trips include explorations of underwater cliffs, ship wrecks, sea fans and other underwater biology. The Oceanium Diving Club is located on the "Petite Corniche Est" road, behind the Presidential Palace in the centre of Dakar. It not onlyprovides a scenic view over the Atlantic and a hub for divers, but also accommodation for travellers.

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